Джек, это чудесно! Спасибо!

Nina Feneva, Russian balletomane


“… ballet photography superstar Jack Devant!!”

Paula Fitzgerald, doctoral researcher, Chartered MCIPD, considerable exposure to professional ballet as primary career.


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I honestly think your photos are the best I have ever seen

Nancy B. Welch, Westfield, NJ (dancer, teacher, balletomane for last 91 years :))


Gorgeous photos by Jack Devant

Olga Smirnova, leading soloist with Bolshoi Theatre


Your photography is stunningly beautiful!

National Society of Arts & Letters


You’re one of the greatest photographers on the planet, thank you!

So Tu


THANK You so much. Your photos are really wonderful, they capture perfectly the movement and the emotions. I’m honored!

Lucia Lacarra, The Principal ballerina, Dancer of the Decade


Dear Jack, Your photos are so very beautiful! As a retired ballerina (now a teacher), I have a special appreciation for the way you capture, “the moment that brings new light and life to dance. Thank you for all your fine work!

Most Sincerely, Leslie A. Carbine


Fine dramatic pictures, – tells the story – wonderfully, beautifully.

Anne Elisabeth Lendorf


Jack! Вы великий мастер! Музыка давно отзвучала. Но и танец, и музыка продолжают жить в Ваших великолепных работах!

Olga Goryaeva, Russian balletomane


Your Karenina pictures are absolutely amazing.

Sergey Ilchenko, Head of PR, St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet


Thank you so much for the pictures. They are quite amazing. How do you do this? It looks like 3D.

Susanne Ullmann, Bayerisches Staatsballett, Referentin für Presse und Marketing


Jack, thank you for your work! it’s amazing! I loved it!!

Kristina Kretova, leading soloist with Bolshoi Ballet, Moscow


Thank you for your wonderful flamboyant pictures!

Adelya, Dance Open St Petersburg



Beautiful work you do. Thanx a lot! Best regards, Sarah


 Thank you very much! Stunning photos! The dancers look just great!

Kremlin Ballet Theatre


Great job, your photos are amazing and capture the spirit of dancers!

Director at Academy of Performing Arts Tahlequah


ALL of your photographs are exquisite, you capture the art and beauty of ballet in motion so perfectly.

Karen Johnson Sheppard, balletomane


Thank you Jack Devant for these rich, lush images! Thank you for enriching the dance world!

Gabriele Walkow, www.danceinternational.org


Can lose myself looking at your photos, so beautiful.

Norma Jones, ballet fan, UK West Wales


Your photos are great! Thank you so much!!!!

Anton Variag Ploom, Mikhailovsky Theatre, St Petersburg


Thank You, Jack, for this wonderful work! Your photos are very professional, best of the Gala.

Marina Seiko, Artistic Director, International Baltic Ballet Competition


… Your photos are so admirable!!! THANKS!!!

Regina Kaupuza, Riga Choreography School, Latvian National opera


Killer photographer Jack Devant!

Cedric Lee Bradley, Director-Choreographer, “Thriller, Tribute to Michael Jackson” event


Thank you for the photos, they are good and professional. Waiting for more photos…

Irina Kazaryan, Head of the International Department GMCB of N.Kasatkina and V.Vasilyov


…the way you capture me is beautiful, I really like your pictures…

Victoria Ananyan, Het nationale Ballet, Netherlands


I love your style and how intimate your photography is with the dancer as most photographers seem to just be about catching the position and not the expression or interpretation of the dancer.

Miles Ashton Gilliver, Birmingham Royal Ballet.


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