Dance Company Theater Osnabrück (Osnabrück, Germany) in Pachuco. Music by Vittorio Monti, choreography by Mauro de Candia. Shot at Dance Open 2019 Gala on 29.4.2019 in Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg.

Dance Company Theater Osnabrück: Cristina Commisso, Ayaka Kamei, Marine Sanchez Egasse, Ana Torre, Rosa Wijsman, Elena Ballestracci, Ohad Fabrizio Caspi, Neven Del Canto, Lennart Huysentruyt, Hampus Larsson, Yi-Chi Lee, Luka Ostrež.

Photos by Jack Devant Ballet Photography with kind permission of the Dance Open ballet festival and Ekaterina Galanova, special thanks to Kristina Proku.

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