27.4.2019 Introdans Masters – Dance Open 2019 program

Shot on 27.4.2019, in frames of Dance Open 2019, St Petersburg.


Premiere in Russia. Music by Arvo Pärt, choreography by Nils Christe, set designer Thomas Rupert, costumes by Annegien Sneep, lighting Berry Claassen.
Performed by: Yulanne de Groot, Lucas Donner, Kim van der Put, Fabio Falsetti, Verine Bouwman, Salvatore CasteIli, Nienke Wind, Vincenzo Turiano, Angelica VillaIon, Giuseppe Calabrese, Pascal Schut, Hayden Idrus

Polish Pieces

Premiere in St. Petersburg. Music by Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki, choreography by Hans van Manen, costumes by Keso Dekker, lighting Joop Caboort, Assistant choreographer Mea Venema.
Performed by:
Pas-de-deux 1 Nienke Wind, Vincenzo Turiano
Pas-de-deux 2 Kim van der Put, Salvatore Castelli
Pas-de-deux 3 Verine Bouwman, Pascal Schut
Group parts: Nienke Wind, Kim van der Put, Verine Bouwman,
Brooke Newman, Elisa Rudolf, Angelica Villalon, Vincenzo Turiano,
Salvatore Castelli, Lucas Donner, Hayden Idrus, Giuseppe Calabrese,
Fabio Falsetti, Pascal Schut


Music by Rina Ketty, Michel Legrand, Xavier Cugat, Jack Costanzo,
Manna Bell, Tana la Negra, Perez Prado, Barney Kessel, Los Panchos
Choreography: Cayetano Soto
Costumes: Cayetano Soto and Gudrun Schretzmeier
Lighting Designer: Cayetano Soto and Mario Daszenies
Assistant choreographer: Mikiko Arai
Performed by Verine Bouwman, Nina Dijkman, Yulanne de Groot,
Brooke Newman, Elisa Rudolf, Angelica Villalon, Nienke Wind,
Salvatore Castelli, Lucas Donner, Fabio Falsetti, Hayden Idrus,
Alberto Tardanico, Vincenzo Turiano

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