Conrazoncorazon, Introdans. Music by Rina Ketty, Michel Legrand, Xavier Cugat, Jack Costanzo, Manna Bell, Tana la Negra, Perez Prado, Barney Kessel, Los Panchos. Choreography by Cayetano Soto, costumes by Cayetano Soto and Gudrun Schretzmeier, lighting Designers Cayetano Soto and Mario Daszenies, assistant choreographer Mikiko Arai.

Shot on 27.4.2019, in frames of Dance Open 2019, St Petersburg.

Performed by Verine Bouwman, Nina Dijkman, Yulanne de Groot, Brooke Newman, Elisa Rudolf, Angelica Villalon, Nienke Wind, Salvatore Castelli, Lucas Donner, Fabio Falsetti, Hayden Idrus, Alberto Tardanico, Vincenzo Turiano.

Introdans is a dance company based in the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands, established in 1971 by Hans Focking and Ton Wiggers. At first the small company produced classical ballet pieces choreographed by Wiggers. The company gradually became known, first touring in the Netherlands and then in 1993 making its international debut. Since then Introdans has traveled widely. Princess Margriet of the Netherlands became the Company’s patroness.

Photos by Jack Devant Ballet Photography with kind permission of the Dance Open ballet festival and Ekaterina Galanova, special thanks to Kristina Proku.

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