Crystal Huang in Gamzatti

Crystal Huang in Gamzatti, music by Ludwig Minkus, choreography by Maria Konrad. Petipa Awards Gala 2023, San Francisco 23.9.2023, organised by the Petipa Heritage Foundation, Vasily Medvedev and Stanislav Feco.

Crystal Huang (2008) is a dancer from California. She danced at Yoko’s Dance & Performing Arts Academy since she was three years old along with her older brother Ethan Huang. Now she dances at The Rock Center For Dance. Crystal started competitive dance in 2012 with only one solo and one group; they performed a lyrical and jazz routine. Crystal won in 2022 and 2023 YAGP International Finals Bronze.

Maria Konrad is a contemporary style dance instructor, dancer and choreographer. Maria is based in Florida, USA. She is currently resident choreographer with The Next Generation Ballet (Dir. Philip Neal) and the director of the contemporary program at Florida School for Dance Education.

Photos by Jack Devant ballet photography © with kind permission of Petipa Heritage Foundation, special thanks to mr. Vasily Medvedev and mr. Stanislav Feco.

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