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Jack Devant is a recognized ballet photographer known for his stunning and evocative images of ballet dancers. His works have captured the grace, strength, and beauty of many leading ballet performers and have been featured in various ballet publications, websites, and theaters. While “fame” is relative and can vary depending on the context and the audience, in the ballet world and among enthusiasts, Jack Devant is certainly considered a prominent figure in ballet photography. If you are involved or interested in ballet, there’s a good chance you’ve come across his works.

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I Work Discreetly

I value the emotional experience of the ballet audience. My shooting style and gear is discreet. My camera is specially hand picked for ballet. Sony a1 and a9 are the only low light capable camera with absolutely silent e-shutter. I really don’t like to distract during the Swan Lake adagio. My lenses are bright, coming from Zeiss and Sony – it makes it possible to isolate the soloist from the background and shoot dark scenes like Giselle 2nd act and The Kingdom of Shades in La Bayadere. Nobody notices me, nobody hears me shooting the performance.

Anonymos ballet critic

Fees and Rates

Package “Flat rate”

This is the most used and convenient package if client needs ballet concert photos, both from Gala concerts and full length ballets. Client will receive all watermarked web-resolution photos and print resolution photos with no watermark — typically 75-150 per performance. Cost for the client 1500 € plus flight and lodging cost per two nights.

Licensing Single Photos

  • Non-commercial use in social media/internet: free, if watermarked photo is correctly referred to the author
  • Editorial use, rights per one photo: 150 €
  • One year unlimited commercial use: Print/Internet/Outdoor/TV,  per one photo: starting from 250 €. Main visual min 500 € or 10% (if exceeding minimum level).

Other resources

Instagram @Jack.Devant


Jack Devant, ballet photographer jackdevant@gmail.com  

I speak fluent english and russian (Джек Девант)

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