Konstantin Meladze

Konstantin Meladze (Rus. Константин Меладзе), composer. Shot at The Great Gatsby ballet world premiere press conference. Konstantin Meladze wrote music in cooperation with Jury Shepata for this ballet.

Konstantin Meladze, composer

Konstantin Meladze, Jury Shepata, composers of The Great Gatsby

Konstantin Meladze, composer

Konstantin Meladze (Rus. Константин Шотаевич Меладзе, Georgian: კონსტანტინე მელაძე), is a composer and producer of Georgian descent. He is the older brother of singer Valery Meladze and co-founder and co-producer of the Russian/Ukrainian girl group Nu Virgos (Russian: ВИА Гра). Konstantin Meladze was born on 11 May 1963 in Batumi. Konstantin has composed and produced songs for artists such as Valery Meladze, Nu Virgos, Yin-Yang, Vera Brezhneva, Albina Dzhanabaeva, and Polina Gagarina. He has also composed songs for a number of films, including Lilya 4-ever and a Russian 2003 version of Cinderella (Russian: Zолушка).

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