La Bayadere Angelina Vorontsova and Victor Lebedev, Mikhailovsky

La Bayadère, music by Ludwig Minkus, libretto by Marius Petipa and Sergey Khudekov, choreography by Nacho Duato after Marius Petipa, stage designer, costume designer Angelina Atlagić, lighting design by Brad Fields, musical director of the production Pavel Sorokin. Shot on 8.2.2020 and 9.2.2020 in the Mikhailovsky Theatre.


  • Angelina Vorontsova as Nikiya
  • Victor Lebedev as Solor
  • Andrea Laššáková as Gamzatti
  • Sergey Strelkov as the High Brahmin
  • Andrey Kasyanenko as Rajah Dugmanta
  • Nikita Tchetverikov as The Golden Idol, (also called Bronze Idol)
  • Anna Kuligina, Irina Zhalovskaya and Yulia Lukyanenko as Three Shades

Photos by Jack Devant ballet photography © with kind permission of the Mikhailovsky Theatre, special thanks to Nacho Duato and Darina Timofeeva

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