Louis XIV – Sun King program 19.11.2021

The 2 act ballet by Teet Kask “Louis XIV – Sun King”, original music of Timo Steiner and Sander Möldri and the libretto of Tõnu Õnnepalu. Decorations by Ülar Mark, costumes by Kristian Steinberg. Estonian National Opera, Estonian National Ballet 2021.

Cast 1
Cast 2

Cast 1

Louis XIV the Sun King: William Newton

The Girl in Pink: Nanae Maruyama

Death: Cristiano Principato

The Widow in Black: Ami Morita

Father confessor: Marcus Nilson

The Girl Butterfly: Ana Gergely

Minister: Connor Williams

The Spanish Infanta: Madeline Skelly

Kapellmeister: John Halliwell

The Old King: Daniel Kirsipuu

Prince, Kings brother: Nikos Gkentsef

Cast 2

Louis XIV the Sun King: Ali Urata

The Girl in Pink: Laura Maya

Death: Jevgeni Grib

The Widow in Black: Lauren Janeway

Father confessor: Samuel Parham

The Girl Butterfly: Marta Navasardyan

Minister: Alex McCleery

The Spanish Infanta: Marita Weirank

Kapellmeister: Patrick Foster

The Old King: Vitali Nikolajev

Prince, Kings brother: Andrea Fabbri

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