Magifique by Malandain Ballet Biarritz

Magifique by Malandain Ballet Biarritz. Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, choreography by Thierry Malandain.

Dancers: Ione Miren Aguirre, Raphael Canet, Mickael Conte, Ellyce Daniele, Hugo Layer, Frederik Deberdt, Baptiste Fisson, Michael Garcia, Aureline Guillot, Fabio Lopez, Jacob Hernandez Martin, Irma Hoffren, Miyuki Kanei, Mathilde Labe, Claire Lonchampt, Nuria Lopez Cortes, Arnaud Mahouy, Patricia Velazquez, Laurine Wiel, Daniel Vizcayo, Lucia You Gonzalez.

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Thierry Malandain was born on April 13, 1959 in Petit-Quevilly, France. After his education as a classical dancer, he joins the Paris Opera, where he meet Jean Sarelli, the ballet master at the time of the company. Later, they go to the Ballet de l’Opera du Rhin, where Thierry Malandain stays until 1980. In the next six years he works with the Ballet Théâtre Français de Nancy. In 1986, Malandain starts his own company Temps Present, in the suburbs of Paris. In the following years, the Centre National Chorégraphique – Ballet Biarritz is established in collaboration with Malandain.
Nowadays, Ballet de Biarritz is officially called “Malandain Ballet Biarritz“. This underlines a new era for Malandain; the author and choreographer.

Photos by Jack Devant Ballet Photography© with kind permission of the Dance Open, special thanks to Ekaterina Galanova and Adelia Mukhamedzhanova.


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