Tatiana Miltseva grand jete in Three Shades variation, La Bayadere

Tatiana Miltseva, a grand jete in the Three Shades variation. La Bayadere, music by Ludwig Minkus, choreography by Marius Petipa revised by Vladimir Ponomaryov and Vakhtang Chabukiani, new revision by Mikhail Messerer, conductor Pavel Sorokin. Shot 10.5.2019 in the Mikhailovsky Theatre.

Tatiana Miltseva (Татьяна Мильцева) is currently a Second Soloist with the Mikhailovsky ballet Company. In 1998, she graduated from the Vaganova Ballet Academy and the same year joined the Mikhailovsky ballet Company

Photo by Jack Devant ballet photography © with kind permission of the Mikhailovsky Theatre, special thanks to Darina Timofeeva.

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