The Nutcracker by Nacho Duato — dress rehearsal in Mikhailovsky. Who is Who?

I got exquisite opportunity to shoot Nacho Duato’s last The Nutcracker productions dress rehearsal in Mikhailovsky, while he is still artistic director. He is going to leave to Berlin ballet. This post is about people around this new production. Two days to premiere. All tickets for 20 concerts are sold out already…

Not easy to be the general director of leading theatre

Vladimir Kekhman, surrounded by cameras, reportes, microphones.

Vladimir Kekhman Mikhailovsky

Vladimir Kekhman Mikhailovsky Theatre

Vladimir Kekhman Mikhailovsky interview

Vladimir Kekhman Mikhailovsky 2




Nacho Duato, the choreographerPeople-111

Sorry, no time for interview…



Quick aftermath with mr Vladimir Kekhman



Conductor Pavel Bubelnikovconductor Pavel Bubelnikov

Pavel Bubelnikov Oksana Bondareva

Pavel Bubelnikov, talking to Oksana Bondareva (Masha in the performance), quest conductor from Mariinsky Theatre

Light designer Brad Fields




Altynay Asylmuratova and Elena ObraztsovaAltynay Asylmuratova and Elena Obraztsova

Altynay Asylmuratova became Advisor to the General Director of the Mikhailovsky Theatre few days prior to this event. Elena Obraztsova is Artistic Advisor to the Mikhailovsky Opera.

Set and costumes designer Jérôme Kaplan

Set and costumes designer Jérôme Kaplan



Photo by Jack Devant © with kind permission of the Mikhailovsky Theatre, special thanks to Valeria Rodionova and Darina Timofeyeva.

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