Veronika Ovchinnikova in Sub Vultu

Veronika Ovchinnikova Sub Vultu Veronika Ovchinnikova-102 Veronika Ovchinnikova-103 Veronika Ovchinnikova-104 Veronika Ovchinnikova-105

Veronika Ovchinnikova from Belarus in Sub Vultu, III’rd place at IBBC 2013


  • 1st place winner – Marta Ozolina (Latvia)
  • 2nd place winner – Marita Weinrank (Estonia)
  • 3rd place winner – Veronika Ovchinnikova (Belarus)

Photo by Jack Devant with kind permission of the IBBC, special thanks to Marina Seiko and Regina Kaupuza.


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