Vladimir Kekhman photoshoot in Lincoln Centre, New York

November 2014, during the Mikhailovsky touring in USA/New York, I was asked to portraiture Mr. Vladimir Kekhman (Rus Владимир Кехман), General Director of the Mikhailovsky Theatre. We had limited time, no assistants, no lighting set-up. Therefore I used the 1.st Circle balcony of David. H Koch theatre in Lincoln Center as our shooting location. As we had to accomplish the shoot during 1.st intermission of Don Quixote (Osipova-Vasiliev), we literally had 5 minutes time. I grabbed my flash to provide subtle fill-in, obviously never used during ballet shoots, switched in rush my ballet-tele to 24-70 mm f2.8 Zeiss and off we go…







Portrait of Mr. Vladimir Kekhman (Rus Владимир Кехман), General Director of the Mikhailovsky Theatre on page 137 by Jack Devant

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