Vladimir Kekhman

November 2014, during the Mikhailovsky touring in USA/New York, I was asked to portraiture Mr. Vladimir Kekhman, General Director of the Mikhailovsky Theatre. We had limited time, no assistants, no lighting set-up. Therefore I used the 1.st Circle balcony of David. H Koch theatre in Lincoln Center as our shooting location. As we had to accomplish the shoot during 1.st intermission of Don Quixote (Osipova-Vasiliev), we literally had 5-10 minutes.

Vladimir Kekhman

Vladimir Kekhman, Lincoln Center, Avery Fisher Hall (home for New York Philharmonic) in the background.

Vladimir Kekhman was born in 1968 in Samara, Russia. Graduated from the department of foreign languages, the Samara State Pedagogical University, in 1989 and from the St Petersburg State Academy of Theatrical Arts in 2009. He has successfully managed companies in various business fields.

In May 2007 he was appointed General Director of the Mikhailovsky Theatre.
He has largely invested his personal funds in the reconstruction of the theatre’s building and financed Mikhailovsky Ballet London tour in 2008.

In 2010 he was awarded the national Celebrity Prize for «the revival of the theatre».
Mr Kekhman is Member of Consultative Council of Russian Federation’s Cultural Ministry.

He is married, has three children.

/text from Mikhailovsky Theatre website/

Photo (C) Jack Devant

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