Whats in my bag?

I get lot of questions, what do you need to shoot dance on the stage. Yes, stage is way more demanding than studio work. That why stage photography gear have to be the cutting edge tools.

  • My main gear is the flagship Sony a1; second body is super fast Sony a9
  • Lens-wise I shoot a spectacle usually with Sony 70-200 GM F2.8, in large halls using also Sony 1.4 tele converter; backstage, hair/makeup shots with Sony 24-70 GM F2.8; interior and architecture shots with Sony Zeiss 16-35 F4
  • Sony flash with yellow gel for backstage photography
  • Carrying at least eight fast SD cards with me, 256 GB is a must, using a1 with 50+ MB RAW files
  • Carrying with me vertical grip w 2 batteries and a Sony charger
  • Supporting my gear with the Sirui carbon monopod

I use Sony, because they are few years ahead in mirrorless camera technology, especially in silent shooting, the mode I need most often. Due to fast sensor readout, even fast movements are not warped as with many other cameras.

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